• 5 DIameter
    Sub-fractional horsepower, six-pole, shaded pole motor with squirrel cage type rotor, induction in a 5” diameter. Model 6125. 1) May be used with open or closed frame, with or without resilient mounting. 2) Available from 1/40 to 1/10 HP and 127 volts with the option of : 110, 115, 120, 220 and 230 VOLTS for 50, 60 HZ, or special combinations 3) Mechanical specialties available such as different shaft lengths, special machined shafts; special mounting modes such as stud mounts, rigid base, resilient base, bracket mounts; different bearings; different lubrication requirements, etc. 4) 18 gauge AWGE wire endings 5) 1/2 CRS shaft embedded in the rotor. CW or CCW rotation 6) Mineral lubricant, type B or F isolators for 135 or 155°C (275°F or 311°F) 7) Designed for continuous air movement 8) UL, CSA and NOM certified Use: Heaters, extractors, fans, air conditioners, fan and coil, etc..